Empowerment and Self-Care on International Women's Day

Hip hip hooray, it’s International Women’s Day! The first ever National Women’s Day was observed on February 28th, 1909 to honour the 1908 garment workers’ strike in New York. Since then, the meaning behind International Women’s Day has changed throughout the years as discussions on empowerment and inclusion continue to grow. But what does it truly mean to empower others? How do we empower ourselves and others on this joyous occasion? Whether or not you identify as a woman, here are some ways how:

1) Uplift Your Self-Doubt and Invisible Boundaries

A huge part of empowering yourself is getting out of your comfort zone and knowing that YOU are good enough. Uplift those invisible boundaries and self-doubt that prevent you from being happy. Apply for that job you feel unqualified for. Let go of toxic people in your life. Don’t feel guilty about eating that extra piece of dessert. Take a chance on yourself to do things you never felt good enough to do because YOU deserve it. 



2) Be an Opportunity-Giver

Whether you are a parent, sibling, coworker or even entrepreneur, everyone has different roles in life. One essential role is being an opportunity-giver. An opportunity-giver is someone who not only opens doors (both metaphorically and literally) for themselves but for people who come after them. The founder of Claurete, Carla Kabbabe, is a female entrepreneur who founded her business with the vision of helping women not feel restricted by the jewelry they wear by creating comfortable pieces. Carla also strives to make jewelry more accessible to purchase while inspiring women to pursue their dreams. Go Carla! Opening the doors of opportunity for others is an essential way you can empower people.


3) Self-Care- Treat Yourself!

It’s easy to forget to take care of yourself in the midst of having a busy schedule. It’s important to fit in self-care and reward yourself because you deserve to be rewarded for your accomplishments even if they go unrecognized by others. Treat yourself! This could include the simplest of things like taking a relaxing bath. Buying yourself things is a great way to reward yourself and it doesn’t mean you are materialistic! That’s why Claurete strives to create pieces where women feel encouraged to buy themselves jewelry without waiting on anybody to do so. The pieces are comfortable, timeless and dainty to wear, while making you feel confident because you deserve it.



International Women’s Day is not the only day where we should exercise empowerment but rather on a regular basis. It is within our everyday choices and decisions that everyone is capable of empowering themselves and others.


Author: Fariha Ahmed | Instagram | Linkedin

Fariha Ahmed is a Digital Content Creator and Blogger. She has worked with different startups in digital content marketing and she currently works with the Inappropriate Questions Podcast. Fariha is also an associate with the Ryerson Transmedia Zone. She has previously worked with Amnesty International and the Ontario Public Service.  






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