Humans of Claurete

Carla Kabbabe - Founder 

Carla Kabbabe is an influencer, entrepreneur and a founder of Claurete jewelry brand. She designs jewelry pieces, coordinates main operations and overlooks the general management of Claurete. Carla also inspires people through her personal brand of a young female entrepreneur on social media, sharing her experiences of business management and fashion industry.

Carla graduated from Ryerson University with a degree in Global Management and Entrepreneurship. Before starting her own business, Carla worked as a jewelry consultant and as a content creator at multiple recognisable companies. The jewelry industry has always appealed to Carla as she has been a part of the industry since day one. As she moved back to Toronto for university, she saw an opportunity to create a more accessible fine jewelry brand that is comfortable and stylish for young working women.

In her spare time, Carla enjoys travelling, hiking, painting and swimming. She also delivers speeches at universities to talk about entrepreneurship, women empowerment, and the jewelry industry. She inspires to impact the world more positively by delivering a change around the globe. 

Mario Shehata - Business Development Manager

Mario is Claurete’s Business Development Manager. He takes care of sales team and always looks for new opportunities for Claurete to grow. Mario also builds strong relationships with different stakeholders to grow the business and spread the word of beautiful but convenient jewelry.

Before Claurete, Mario worked as a Triage Analyst at TD and Business System Analyst at CIBC. There he developed solutions for business partners and performed multiple managerial roles to facilitate communication between different levels of management. Mario also holds a Certificate in Bloomberg Market Concepts.

As someone who understands finances in any shape and form, Mario also acted as a Director for Habitat for Humanity Canada fundraising money for multiple events.

Christina Gumennaya - Public Relations Manager 

Christina is the Public Relations manager at Claurete. She is responsible for maintaining the brand image of the brand, issuing blog posts, supporting social media digital strategy and all other things PR! Through her communications strategies, she shares Claurete’s love for comfortable luxury and young women entrepreneurship.

To elevate her skills, Christina is currently doing a graduate certificate in PR and Corporate Communications at Seneca College. Moreover, as a huge lover of interesting events and unique ideas, Christina writes on two of her blogs where she shares her love for traveling, fashion and food.

Prior to her role at Claurete, she has been doing PR for several London based start- ups where she attracted influencers for Instagram promotions and increased social media engagements. As someone who understands how evaluation is important for brands, she also holds certificates in Google Analytics and Facebook Ads.

Being passionate about current affairs and writing, she chose Politics for her Bachelor at UCL and gained her Masters in International Management from ESADE Business School. Moreover, Christina has always been interested in sustainable businesses and been a part of the Global Citizenship Competition, where her team won the best Social Enterprise Idea that tackled food waste in London. Apart from PR and Claurete, Christina is passionate about dancing, art and brunch dates. Her long-term goals include PR awards, Claurete in Vogue and beach wedding.


Chris Bourgeois - Marketing Advisor

Chris is an experienced B2B marketing professional with a main focus on generating growth from inbound channels. He facilitates growth and promotes brand recognition through a comprehensive marketing plan. Chris also ensures the development of a strategy for corporate advertising and customer acquisition. He advises on ways to build trust with Claurete’s clients and drives interest to the brand through generating ideas strategies revolving content writing and other various advertising channels. Through his marketing efforts, Chris assists in spreading the word about Claurete and the passion for convenience in premium jewelry.

Before joining Claurete as a marketing advisor, Chris used to be a Partner & Growth Consultant at Shopify Partners where he helped mid and large businesses with e-commerce development and strategy planning. For two years, he also worked at Buda Juice Canada as a Digital Marketing Manager being responsible for online sales campaigns and website development, amongst other things.  In addition, he is currently the CMO of Curexe as he oversees long term customer acquisition strategy, perception of brand, and inbound sales channels.

As someone who is very passionate about all things digital, Chris has Google Adwords and Google Analytics Certifications as well as InBound Marketing Certificate from HubSpot. In his spare time, Chris also likes giving back to the community and has been an active volunteer of Plano Solar Advocates and North Texas Renewable Energy Group.