5 reasons why jewelry makes for a perfect gift on Mother's day!

Mother’s day is just a few weeks away from us and we cannot wait to get together with our mums to celebrate! Every second Sunday of May, Mother’s Day is upon us and this year it falls on May 12! On this day, every Canadian honours and appreciates mothers and the role their play in our families and society.

As any big celebration, this day calls for a gift and everyone knows how tough it can be to choose what your loved ones would like. But we got you! Jewelry is always an answer and here are 5 reasons why it makes for a great present!

1) Memories

Good quality jewelry will last forever and serves as a reminder of love and care for the rest of your life! Nothing else is that memorable as clothes rip apart or go out of fashion while electronics break down. Gifting jewelry shows that you made an investment & anyone would appreciate the sentimental value jewelry carries. People always remember the story of every piece and the meaning behind it so gift one of your stories to be remembered forever!

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2)  Customizable

So many jewelry pieces can be customized according to favourite colours, styles and tastes. Many gemstones also carry special meanings that match personalities and have healing properties! For example, Amber carries the energy of the sun and represents warmth while Aventurine is known as “Stone of Opportunity”. Many collections also associate with unique themes such as Zodiac signs.  Although jewelry is already a very sentimental gift, inscribed names and messages can make it even more special.

3) New family tradition anyone?

Jewelry is often passed from generation to generation due to its durability and precious meaning. By gifting quality jewelry you start a new path, a tradition,  that might continue for a long time. Many jewelry pieces are timeless and don’t go out of fashion - it’s a tradition that can be worn every day. You also never know whether your jewelry would appreciate over time and go up in value! Give a gift that your mother will cherish and can make history.


4) No discrimination

It's no secret that some gifts only suit particular body types and skin tones, making it harder to choose. Jewelry doesn’t discriminate and can fit the lightest or the darkest skin tone and doesn’t give a damn about your body shape. As a choice of jewelry is limitless, you just need to find the piece that you like the most and is comfortable to wear. You also don't need to know any sizes for pieces such as necklaces and earrings so you can’t go wrong.

5)  Age is just a number

Jewelry pieces suit every generation, no matter the age. The jewelry works whether your mum is almost 70 years old or recently turned 40. More traditional pieces can make a statement for older generations while new and trendy designs work perfectly well for younger women. No matter the age, your mum deserves to look and feel great with her new sparkling piece.  

"Whatever else is unsure in this stinking dunghill of a world, a mother's love is not." - James Joyce

It’s no secret that jewelry is a great gift idea as no matter how many jewelry pieces someone might have, it can never be enough.  Every jewelry piece comes in so many different shapes, colours and styles with new designs appearing every day. Show your appreciation and love this Mother’s Day and gift a jewelry piece that speaks for itself.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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