5 Ways To Clean Gold Jewelry

 5 Ways To Clean Gold Jewelry

So you are fed up with your old gold jewelry and want to bring it back to life? Maybe a family member gave you their vintage jewelry piece as a way to cherish the special bond they have with you, or perhaps you want to revive that wedding ring you have been wearing for a while. Whatever your situation might be, we have prepared for you 5 different ways to clean your old jewelry and add some spark to it.



1) Cleaning jewelry using Detergent

     A) Solid Jewelry:

  1. The first step is to prepare some warm water and add a few drops of detergent with it and mix gently. Tip: You can use sparkling water without sodium or club soda. Carbonation helps to loosen dirt and remove debris.
  2. Soak the gold jewelry in the solution made in the previous step and leave it for about 15 minutes.
  3. Use a soft bristled brush to rub each piece of jewelry. Do not forget to do this nicely and subtly. Also, do not use hard bristles as the surface of your gold jewelry may scratch.
  4. Again using warm water, wash the jewelry and use a soft cloth to wipe.

     B) Jewelry with embodied stones 

  1. Jewelry pieces that have bonded stones cannot be submerged in water. So the first step is to clean them with a cloth dampened in detergent, but very subtly.
  2. Next, swap the cloth with a moistened one dipped in water and "Wash" the jewelry in order to remove the remaining soap and residue. Do not forget to do it subtlety, since the jewelry is fragile and expensive!
  3. After cleaning the jewelry thoroughly, place the pieces upside down on a new clean cloth so that any remaining moisture does not reach the stones.


2) Cleaning jewelry using Ammonia

  1. This is an effective method, but it should not be used frequently. Ammonia can also darken platinum, which can damage some jewelry.
  2. Make the following mixture: One part of ammonia for every six of water. 
  3. Soak the jewelry in the mixture and leave at most for about one minute. Use a strainer to remove the part quickly.
  4. Wash the jewelry thoroughly and wipe dry with a soft polishing cloth

3) Cleaning jewelry using Toothpaste

A common and widely used way for people is to clean the jewelry with toothpaste. In fact, it works but should be applied to gold jewelry used with a higher frequency. 


- Old toothbrush.

- Toothpaste

  1. Use an old toothbrush with already freckled freckles and toothpaste to gently rub the jewelry and remove the dirt. You can also use the toothpaste applied on a cloth to polish the item. This method will leave a perfect mirror finish, but will also spend the piece.
  2. After scrubbing, wash in clean water.

4) Cleaning jewelry using Hot Water

This is a very simple way to clean your jewelry and a common method used to clean jewelry. 

If you need to remove oil, grease or wax from your gold piece, boil it in water. As long as the item is submerged in water, neither it nor its stones will be impaired. The oil, grease, and wax will float to the surface.

5) Professional jewelry cleaning

If you are worried that you might ruin your jewelry, or simply don't have the time to go through with the process of cleaning, simply contact professional cleaners who have been specializing in cleaning jewelry for generations. Normally most jewelry companies provide cleaning services, so make sure you check out the services your favorite jewelry company has to offer!


The previous 5 ways of cleaning your gold jewelry are the most popular methods used according to experiments run in the past, if you have used any of the methods suggested, let us know in the comments below which one is your favorite way of cleaning your gold jewelry! 


Disclaimer: Claurete is not held responsible should the jewelry using the previous methods be damaged. It is your responsibility to ensure the type of jewelry you are cleaning and whether you are able to adequately use the previous methods with the right directions, it is advised that you seek professional help if you have never cleaned jewelry before. Contact Claurete@claurete.com for more info. 

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