8 reasons why you should buy jewelry


There are a lot of reasons associated with buying jewelry, every person has their own reason for doing so. We have prepared the top 8 reasons why people buy jewelry after interviewing with over 100 jewelry lovers in different countries!


1) Fashion
    Fashion and jewelry go hand in hand, jewelry works as an accent and completes your overall outfit. It is a way to make a statement and be able to stand out from the crowd. It is very common for people to buy jewelry for fashion and style reasons. 

    Kyle I***: Leaving your place without wearing any jewelry is like forgetting your phone....! A total fashion tragedy haha. Los Angeles, USA 

    2) Confidence

      Jewelry works as an immediate confidence booster, throughout history jewelry, was associated with elegance and confidence. For more info, check our previous blog that talks about how jewelry can make you more confident! 

      Rolland R**: I once bought this jewelry piece because it got my attention, it was such a nice piece. I started wearing it every day and got so used to it. It somehow makes me feel more confident whenever I have it on! Washington, DC, USA


      3) Memorable 

      Jewelry can be worn as a reminder of a beautiful event in your life. Including personal events such as a wedding or an engagement. In other cases, people buy jewelry to celebrate success such as graduating from school or starting your dream job. In addition, traveling to a new country and buying jewelry from that location as a reminder of the event. 

      Jullie L*****: I once bought this bracelet with beautiful studs from Greece. I was traveling with my girlfriends and wanted to buy something to remind me of the beautiful experience! Dallas, Texas, USA


      4) Meaning

      Jewelry is often associated with a meaning. People can wear jewelry to remind them of a certain thing, such as a goal that they would like to achieve, or a mission they are working towards. Jewelry can also be gifted to those we love, and thus jewelry can create an exceptional story that becomes memorable and lasts for the last time.  

      Jake O*******: I bought my beautiful girlfriend a ring, and gave it to her on her birthday while having dinner at her favorite restaurant. She wears it all the time, and it makes me happy to see her wear it. - Toronto, Ontario, Canada  


      5) Fun

      Jewelry can also be bought for fun, as an addition to the person's lifestyle. Wearing jewelry for fun without having a certain reason, can be... fun ;).

      Lily K******: I love jewelry, all of it... just because! Sydney, Australia 


      7) Art

      Jewelry collectors think of those shiny objects as art. There are many variants as to why jewelry collectors enjoy collecting jewelry, each person can have their own views and tastes when it comes to collecting jewelry. 

      Lillian D**.: Jewelry is a way of expressing yourself, each piece has a unique story behind it. Including the designer's story and the way they express their creativity. I enjoy collecting fine and exclusive pieces whenever I find one. - Montreal, QC, Canada

      8) Legacy

      Jewelry can be passed down to other family members, and thus be kept in the family for a lifetime. Jewelry can create an endless set of stories from one family member to another.


      Mary S****: I still wear a bracelet my mom gave me the day I graduated from university in Van, her mother did the same thing with her, and I plan on continuing this tradition :). - Vancouver, BC, Canada

      Whether you choose to buy jewelry for one or all the previous eight reasons, you can have your own personal reason for buying jewelry. Leave us a comment and let us know why you love buying jewelry! 

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