Aquarius — Brilliant Innovation

The truly intelligent are able to see both sides of the coin; they are able to live between opposing worlds. However, all the while remaining ever vigilant and ever pensive. These individuals are constantly in a state of hunger, searching for the answer to their boredom. They seek new heights and unexplored areas.

Aquarius are shy at one moment, and then eccentric the next. Outwardly, they can appear to be anyone, at any moment. This fluidity in their personality that is projected outward is a direct reflection of the fact they are constantly in search of mental stimuli.

They bounce between the two extremes in an attempt to satisfy their constant need for mental stimulation. This does not mean that they are two faced or irrational. They are simply always thinking. Every move that they make is calculated. This peculiar combination of personality traits often allows Aquarius to be extremely innovative. 

It allows them to lead others into the avant-garde and the unknown. 

The Aquarius symbol is the water bearer. This symbol is seen to bring the gift of refreshing water to the world. Just the same, Aquarius bring their own refreshing gifts to the world. Aquarius shower the world with their innovative minds and deliver brilliant ideas to those around them. They are truly intelligent and have no problems sharing their gifts with others.

Claurete’s symbol for Aquarius is the water bearer, with the points of the flowing water directed away from each other. One side represents the shy and quiet part of Aquarius. The other — the eccentric and imaginative. All the while, the steady flow in the middle represents their steady intelligence; the constant flow of ideas.

Aquarius will always find new and exciting developments. They will always orient themselves at the forefront of adventure and innovation. They latch onto a new idea and see it through until their plan is achieved.

If a plan is not carried out in their exact vision, they are perturbed to say the least. Aquarius carry out a plan because they have spent the time thinking it over and developing the most efficient solution. Although it may seem odd to others, their often quirky plans work quite well.

You will be hard pressed if you try to keep up with an Aquarius. Though, if you can learn to trust them, and trust their method, you will be rewarded with a world that would otherwise be unimaginable. 

The Zodiac Pendants by Claurete are more than just jewelry. The gold pendant is the wearable representation of your soul. Aquarius — you are the fearless adventurers. You will take the world to new and exciting places, always pushing for innovation in all regards. Never let you light burn out. The world needs your brave modernism.


     Author: Erich Ko
Erich has 6 years of experience in the government, having held positions in parliamentary protocol, and in public relations. He has experience in dealing with top level executives – from politicians to high level delegations and conferences. Erich is currently a Marketing Specialist with Curexe and the Founder of Hop In.

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