Coachella Jewels


One of the most famous music festivals has just passed and left behind lots of great performances and fashion inspiration for us all! Everyone knows that Coachella is way more than just music and has for a long time been the main runway for many bloggers, models and influencers. Let's see the best looks of 2019 and how we can borrow some of the styling tips for our spring look updates!


We loving these bold earrings and chains, badass looks for hot weather sound like a good idea. 



Shay is showing some strong wrists game and we are here for it. This season put on as many bracelets as you can and don't forget to coordinate them with a Trojan-like waist belt. 



Look at these beautifully layered necklaces and so many stars! This spring, don't hesitate to experiment with different lengths of necklaces to create a Coachella-worthy look.


Nailah Blackman

These gorgeous colours! Tassel earrings come in so many different shapes so they definitely deserve some space in your jewelry box. Also, beach vibes with shells bead necklaces lighten up the mood instantly! 

Alaine Kristina Limjoco

Not every look at the festival has to be crazy. You can shine just as brightly by putting on more subtle pieces that look very elegant on sun-kissed skin and add effortless charm to any outfit.


Do we have enough rings here! From stones to gold to silver, there are no rules on how to decorate your fingers this season so go ahead and show us how creative you can get!



Gold is in! Here we see another example of only a few thin and elegant pieces making a whole lot of difference! If you like comfort and ease of wear, go for beautiful jewelry that doesn't weigh you down! Plus butterfly hair pieces can always add to the look too.  


Go bold or go home. If you're not into layering multiple necklaces but still want to make a statement, go for big pieces that cover most of your chest. If you can pull off this, the rest of your outfit can really be minimal as you already got everyone's attention.

Maja Malnar

Chokers aren't going away and can be combined with delicate bracelets. So mix & match and don't forget to wear your most glittery outfits. 


There are so many choices to choose from but the main thing is to do youGet creative and share your favourite festival looks with us by using hashtag #clauretefestival. Hope you're as excited to experiment as we are! Go be bold and don't forget to enjoy it! 


With love,

Claurete Team


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