♢ Fun Facts about Jewelry & Gold

Fun Facts about Jewelry & Gold

The Queen of England's jewelry collection is worth an estimated $57 million dollars.





The visors of astronauts' helmets are coated in a very thin, transparent layer of gold (.000002 inches) that reduces glare and heat from sunlight.


The human body has all sorts of curious trace elements in it, and that includes gold too. The average person has about 0.2 milligrams of gold in their body at any given time, found mostly in the blood.





Nicole Kidman's Necklace in Moulin Rouge was the most expensive ever produced for a movie. It was put up for auction in 2001 where it was expected to make well over $1,000,000, but was withdrawn from sale at the last moment. It is now estimated to be worth around $3,000,000!




The largest gold nugget ever was found in Australia and it weighed over two hundred pounds.




Earth isn’t the only place in our solar system that one can find gold. Our sun, for instance, is six ten-billionths gold.





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