Scorpio — Assertive Passion

To live a righteous life is not easy. Righteousness and justice are not always so black and white. As hard as the Scorpio tries to live a clear cut life, emotions almost always get in the way. To them, life is simple — Be honest, be just, and be right.

The Scorpio symbol is a scorpion. Scorpions appear intimidating, poisonous and have a hard exterior. They are dangerous and can strike with speed and efficiency.

The scorpion is the perfect tactician. Cold and calculated.

Though it may appear this way, Scorpio are often misunderstood. They are not cold, but merely logical. They make a clear distinction between right and wrong, and see no need for the grey area in between. Scorpio are born leaders and will always find a way to persevere. They lead by example and expect nothing less than perfection from their teams.

If you can understand the Scorpio’s way of life, you will see beauty like never before. This way of life is like drinking water straight from the cool stream down the mountainside. There is nothing more pure; nothing more refreshing.

Claurete’s Scorpio necklace is representative of right and wrong. It shows the even balance on both sides. Though, the curves at the ends show the imperfections that plague their plight for justice. The sharp edges indicate their assertive nature and scary demeanor.

More than understanding — if you can manage to keep up with the Scorpio you will be treated to a passionate stability. This might sound like an odd sentiment, but it feels so right… Just the way the Scorpio wants it to be.

Lastly, be patient. When Scorpio finally open up, you will fall in love with their love. The coy magnetism of their affection will have you coming back time and again.

Scorpio are kind and loving. Their strong spirit is admirable. They will not falter or hesitate. Scorpio always stay the course and believe in right and wrong. The right people will stay by their side and benefit from their boundless support.

The Zodiac Pendants by Claurete are more than just jewelry. The gold pendant is the wearable representation of your soul. Libra — you righteous warriors. Lead by example and always do what is right. You are the born protectors of good versus evil.


     Author: Erich Ko
Erich has 6 years of experience in the government, having held positions in parliamentary protocol, and in public relations. He has experience in dealing with top level executives – from politicians to high level delegations and conferences. Erich is currently a Marketing Specialist with Curexe and the Founder of Hop In.

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