The Ultimate Surprise on Valentine's Day

With Valentine's day approaching, choosing the perfect present for our loved one can be a little overwhelming. Our team knows the feeling because we feel the same way when it comes to launching a new Valentine's Day product, as we want a product that would make our clients feel both happy and loved.

Since our brand is focused on the consumer, with every step we take we keep our consumers in mind. With that being said, this Valentine's Day is all about you, and all the surprises, of course. 


When it comes to this special day, it is an event where people celebrate love and the beautiful bond they share with a special someone. What is really important though, is that Valentine's day is all about surprises.

If you tell your partner in advance about the present they ought to receive, chances are that you just ruined a beautiful moment (Shhh... your partner may not say it... but truth is everyone loves surprises!) There are levels to it of course, but deep inside everyone desires something and wants to have it. 

Moving on with our Valentine's Day launch, after investigating several options with countless meetings, customer surveys, and many ideas written on the whiteboards in our office. We have finally reached a decision. A Mystery Box for Valentine's Day. 

Since Valentine's Day is all about surprises, we decided to go beyond just helping an individual find their perfect present for their partner or themselves, but we want to surprise them as buyers as well! The idea is to have a little something for everyone. 

Here are a few of the most asked questions during our survey with our clients:

So what is this Mystery Box, and how can I claim it?

This Mystery Box is valued anywhere from $20-$1000. Every participant will receive A Mystery box selected randomly by a computer - similar to a draw. The item inside this Mystery Box will have a Valentine's related theme and will be packaged along with the purchase of a Jewelry item from Claurete. 

In order to claim the Mystery Box, all you have to do is:

  1. Choose your favorite Claurete Jewelry piece
  2. Add it to your cart
  3. Find the Mystery Box on the Website
  4. Add it to your cart along with the rest of the items 
  5. Proceed with the checkout, and Voila!  

Wait on your perfect Claurete Jewelry + Mystery Box item to be shipped and delivered to your home, hassle free! 

Would you recommend I gift both the jewelry and Mystery Box to my partner? 

It is really a matter of personal preference, you can gift both items to your partner, another to your friend or even yourself! A little self-love doesn't hurt. 

When is the last day to get my Mystery Box? 

February 14th, 2019 marks the end of this promotion! 

Is it guaranteed to win a Mystery box? 

Yes! We are giving away one Mystery Box with every purchase until February 14th, 2019. There is however limited quantity available. 

Is there a minimum amount to spend to be eligible for the promotion?

Every purchase is eligible for one Mystery box, without a minimum purchase necessary! 

I still need help with shopping and finding the right jewelry to buy, do you offer services to help shoppers find what they are looking for? 

Absolutely! There is a Claurete personality Quiz which helps shoppers narrow their options down to items that match their personality traits. It is fairly easy and simple to use. 

Our customer service team is also available to assist you with finding your perfect item. We offer a personalized consultation once a shopper submits their preference under this form, an experienced jeweller will get back to them with top three choices that match their preference via email. 

Finally, you can always write us via email, Facebook chat, or Instagram for any aditional inquiry. As we are always here to help! 


Remember to share your jewelry and Mystery box to our social media handle and use #ValentineMysteryBoxClaurete 


A little something for everyone this Valentine's Day,

Much love,

Claurete Team 


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