Virgo — The Purest Detail


There is something to be said about those who strive for perfection. Perfection is that ever so elusive beast; the constant reminder that improvement is always a possibility. Some spend an eternity chasing it, while others succumb to the madness and just try to find the normalcy in life.

Virgo’s are almost always the former. They are attentive, analytical and hardworking. The word “vacation” isn’t even in their vocabulary. They are extremely detail oriented, and often catch things that everyone else would miss.

Many believe that the “M” in the Virgo symbol represents Virginity. Virginity in this case eludes to purity. The ring at the end of the “M” represents purity in the same sense. The symbols intertwine with the idea of the loop always coming back to the beginning again. The constant loop — guarding itself from the world around it.

For the Virgo sign, Claurete’s design takes the “M” shape and molds it into a disconnected heart. Virgo are truly loving in their nature, but tend to hide it. This gives the image that they are distant or closed off and in some cases cold. Truthfully though, they are inherently pure in their hearts and want only to share their love with those around them. And so although they come across as a bit disconnected, their hearts are pure and full of love and loyalty.

They appreciate their “Me time” in order to regain their energy. They tend to be close to a certain group of friends and are very loyal.

It may seem as though Virgo are obsessive; that they cannot let go. In some sense this can be true. Virgo are so detail-oriented that they tend to fixate on certain issues. After all — they strive for perfection in every way possible. 

Virgo project shyness and worrying. However, if you can look past these walls, you’ll be able to see their true beauty. Virgo are brilliant. They have immeasurable work ethic and are able to see things that others would never even imagine.

Due to their attentive nature, Virgo spend quite a bit of time observing nature (No pun intended). They tend to have a great affection for it and take comfort in the fact that nature, unlike the people around them, allows them the time to think and be themselves. For Virgo want only to be left alone. They prefer to be out of the lime light. Alone time is a necessity for these individuals.

Be patient with these quiet little lights. Taking the time to gain a Virgo’s trust can prove to be immeasurably fruitful. 

Seeing a Virgo’s true self is like being able to watch the Sun burn in all of its glory. Make sure though, that once you’ve earned that trust — you do everything you can to keep it. Losing a Virgo’s trust will prove to be an irreparable mistake. Once you’ve lost it, you will never truly get it back.

So these pure creatures of nature are the ones that we call Virgo. They are thoughtful, shy, and they burn too brightly for anyone to truly appreciate. They live in their own minds. So if you’re among the few that are lucky enough to be allowed in, you’ll never want to leave.



The Zodiac Pendants by Claurete are more than just jewelry. These pendants are the wearable representation of your soul. Virgo, you pure and just spirits — stay your course, love yourself, and never lose your golden flame.


     Author: Erich Ko
Erich has 6 years of experience in the government, having held positions in parliamentary protocol, and in public relations. He has experience in dealing with top level executives – from politicians to high level delegations and conferences. Erich is currently a Marketing Specialist with Curexe and the Founder of Hop In.






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