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Do you want to learn more about jewelry and different Karats in Gold? Have you ever been to a jewelry store and got confused about which Karat to buy? Do long conversations with sales people in jewelry stores get you overwhelmed? Don't worry we got you! 


In this blog post, you will find all the details you need regarding the difference between 14K vs 18K in gold. 

There are multiple factors to consider before buying jewelry. To learn more about the real difference, think about the purpose behind buying your jewelry:

  • Is this jewelry piece meant to last for a lifetime?
  • Is the jewelry going to be passed down to other members of your family?
  • Do you have skin allergies?


Generally speaking, gold makes a good option when it comes to jewelry. However, gold comes in multiple Karats, and you must be wondering, which Karat should I buy? 


Durability and Quality:

To explain more about the two metals, 14K gold is more durable than 18K gold because it is mixed with other metals that are not as valuable as gold. The other metals include materials like brass and such, making the 14K gold less valuable when compared to 18K gold. 18K gold provides a great balance for durability and strength, as it is the ultimate Karat for quality according to industry market. 

Skin Allergies:

Lower Karats often cause allergies to people with sensitive or delicate skin, since they get in contact directly with the skin and have a higher percentage of non-gold materials, which may cause a reaction. Gold is considered a hypoallergic metal, and since 18K gold has around 75% of pure gold, it is less likely to cause a reaction to the skin.

Resistance and Sentimental use:

Jewelry that is made from 18K gold lasts longer and is less resistant to tarnishing since oxygen is mostly unreactive with gold. As it is commonly referred to as sentimental jewelry since it is often passed down to other family members for generations. Considering that it is resistant to tarnishing, it lasts longer than other Karats of a lesser value.  

It is crucial for consumers to know the real difference between Karats prior to their purchase, as these differences can affect their buying decisions according to their usage, needs, and preferences. 

In summary, the chart below explains the real difference between 18K gold and 14K gold.  



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