Claurete offers Kawhi his own jewelry line and will donate 100% of its profits to charity

Hey Kawhi, now that you and the Raptors have claimed the throne to the NBA Championships 2019, Canadians are wondering whether you are going to re-sign with the Raptors for another season since Free agency period is upon us.

We have been hearing about ongoing and exceptional offers made to you. Canadians have been joining various movements to keep you in the 6ix. Being Raptors fans ourselves we just had to do something about it.

So here's what we're offering+a twist: 


Claurete is offering you your own jewelry line. Pretty sweet, right? Under one condition, we'd like to donate 100% of the profits made from #Kawhimond to a youth foundation of YOUR selection. Of course, only if you re-sign with the raptors.   

We have sketched a few designs for some inspo, but we want you to create your own collection. Perhaps a unisex line that resembles unity, power, and a genderless iconic collection?  💎✋✋🏻✋🏼✋🏽 ✋🏾 ✋🏿


We know how much you enjoy being a role model to youth. Claurete on the other hand, supports youth entrepreneurs therefore we chose to donate full profits from the #Kawhimond collection to a youth foundation of your selection. 



So how does it work?

1.Re-signs with the Raptors

2. Design your line, and Claurete will produce #Kawhimond

3.Claurete donates 100% of #Kawhimond profits to youth foundation of your selection



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