Claurete to offer Kawhi his own jewelry line and to donate 100% of its profits to a charity

From material possessions to free food for life, what else can Toronto offer Kawhi? 

Claurete recently announced an offer made to Kawhi:

"Re-sign with the Raptors, and get your own jewelry line. Under one condition, profits will be donated in full to a youth development foundation of your choice" Says Carla Kabbabe, CEO and founder of Claurete jewelry.  More details can be found here


So why would a Toronto fashion company choose to offer Kawhi his own jewelry line that's designed by him? 

For two simple reasons:

1) We want to keep Kawhi in the 6ix and continue playing for the Raptors! 

2) We want to bridge the gap between industries while highlighting an important cause revolving around youth development. 

All of this is possible, but only if he re-signs with the Raptors. 

If you agree, spread the word via social media or sign up to Kawhi's list of supporters at the following link  here! Let Kawhi know that you want him to stay in the 6ix! 

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