A wedding ring for the non-traditional woman? Yes please!

Wedding rings represent the everlasting love between two lovebirds. Do you need one? Probably not. Do you want one? Obviously. 

Wedding ring bands can vary from simple to complex, and the only wedding band that is considered socially acceptable, is a plain band with a centred gemstone that costs a fortune. 

...But is it really convenient to wear? What about boss women who are fed up with the traditional and outdated trends and are looking for something that matches their personality and modern lifestyle? I mean common, it is 2019 everybody! 

Claurete came up with a ring that still maintains history and old traditions, while embracing modern lifestyle and tailoring towards it. A ring that still makes a statement and combines the old with the new. Introducing the Spota ring


Here are 5 reasons why the Spota chain ring makes the perfect wedding ring for the non-traditional woman:

1) It adapts to the shape of your finger:

We all know that traditional wedding rings can be overwhelming... especially at work... do you really want to wear a ring that gets in the way of your day to day lifestyle? At the same time you can't take it off your finger, and if you do, you're exposing yourself to losing it. 

The Spota ring has a unique structure where it creates flexibility of movement around the finger, meaning; you can freely wear it without having to worry about the commitment that comes with wearing chunky wedding bands, as it is very easy to control in public and convenient. 

2) You can workout and swim while wearing it! 

The Spota ring is made from Solid 18K Gold, meaning it will never tarnish and can last for a lifetime. Water & sweat do not affect the quality of the ring since it is made from premium quality metal. 

If you are curious about the difference between solid 18K gold and 14K gold check the following blog

3) Classic design

Although Spota ring is fairly unique, the ring still maintains a classic design. The Spota ring dropped majority of the traditional elements but still embraces its unique classic style. 

4) #NewSpotaRingMvmt

Spota ring represents a new movement in the jewellery world, by wearing the spota ring you are showing the world & yourself that you have joined the new wave. A movement that is focused on the modern career driven woman, owning up to her own confidence. Finally,

 5) Customizable

You can still design your own Spota ring according to your own terms! Your ring, your rules. This includes stone size, type, metal, etc. For more info email our customer support at claurete@claurete.com.  

 Will you join the movement? 

Claurete is a Jewelry Brand that produces fine jewelry pieces that are unique and convenient. We are consumer focused, delivering exceptional service and ease to shop online. Get in touch with us for more information at claurete@claurete.com.

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